Corona Virus

The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus epidemic has risen to 13,444. At the same time, the number of infected people has exceeded three lakhs. Otherhand the death toll in Spain has crossed 1700. Almost, half a million people are infected in Europe alone. In Italy, the number is more than 53,000. The death toll in Iran has risen to 1,685 while that of infected patients to 21,638. So far 3,460 people have been infected in Southeast Asian countries and 36 have died. Half of these deaths occurred in Indonesia.

Locked down in 35 countries

Due to fear of Coronavirus the lockdown was declared in 35 countries worldwide. Over one billion people remained isolated in their homes on Sunday. Most countries are taking strict measures such as travel restrictions and sealing of borders to avoid the virus epidemic. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has even hinted that more difficult times are ahead.

Russia sending experts to Italy 

Russia is sending a consignment of relief to nine of its military transport aircraft to help Italy suffering from the Corona attacks. These include virus experts and various equipment, including ‘love from Russia’. The Russian Defense Ministry said that eight medical brigades and a hundred other personnel are being sent from these military transport aircraft. These include military medical experts with significant international experience in fighting the epidemic. These experts have previously dealt with viruses such as Ebola, African Swine Fever and Anthrax. Also, units installed on trucks are being sent which are capable of disinfecting vehicles, buildings and public spaces

Italy most affected by the epidemic

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Cante, who was most affected by the epidemic, in his TV address on Saturday, announced the closure of all unnecessary factories. According to information Italy is most affected by Coronavirus. So far more than 4800 people have died there. 

Locked down in Belgium for 8 weeks

Belgian Health Minister Maggie de Block said the lockdown in the country due to the coronavirus could last eight more weeks. Belgium has a lockdown since 17 March and only people are allowed to leave to buy essential goods. Schools and universities are closed and employees of private companies are working from home. 

Iraq locked down

In Iraq, the lockdown was announced from Sunday until March 28 across the country. The lockdown was implemented for three days in Jordan from Saturday. Oman has ordered currency exchange stores to be closed, along with a ban on people gathering. Malaysia deployed the military to strictly enforce the ban on travel in the country.

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