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Entertainment Worst Ever Wardrobe Malfunctions Of Popular Bollywood Divas That Were A Sheer...

Worst Ever Wardrobe Malfunctions Of Popular Bollywood Divas That Were A Sheer Embarrassment!

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Being a celebrity is not as easy as it may seem to us from our living room couches, even they have to pay the price sometimes. Its always horrifc to catch such a sight and here we have some really emabarressing and disastrous wardrobe malfunctions of hot-shotbollywood actresses including Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif to name a few.

Kareena Kapoor


She probably  didn’t realise that a safety pin is clearly visible from her blouse strap that was possibly there to safeguard against a possible malfunction. Irony!

Alia Bhatt


Evidently it happened at some event where Alia had to address the paparazzi and media while being seated. She apparently decided to wear a short stiff skirt which wouldn’t go down no matter what! Lesson learnt- Better dress according to the activity you’re up for.

Sofia Hayat


Remember British model and Big boss ex-contestant? No?? well, now you’ll remember her forever. I don’t know what was she trying to do here. Total disaster.

Kangna Ranaut


She is too sleek to suffer a wardrobe malfunction however, she did while walking up the ramp. To make matters worse, she was up there without her panties on. Even her front was ill fitted, a bad sight. A Downside of the ‘Fashion’ industry.

Rakhi Sawant


she is a walking talking bundle of wardrobe malfunctions and it has happened too many times for us to notice. But this one is the worst blunder she has ever made. Clothes are meant to be well fitted not stitched as your second skin.

Tanishaa Mukherjee


Black sometimes can be really evil, specially when pictures are being taken with flash on. But this one is visibly taken during the day, how come Tanishaa didn’t realize that her dress was transparent.

Katrina Kaif


she is most uncontroversial but always surrounded with controversies. Phew! Her most awkward moments are with camera flash with shows too much than necessary. Katrina! There is a thing called Camisole, go get it. You will save yourself from further embarrassments.

Sonali Raut


We’re all quite acquainted with her as the Bigg Boss season8 ‘s Quirky contestant who suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the house itself. When told her about it she visibly teared up.

Ekta Kapoor


She is as scandalous as nobody can ever be. We know you love all kinds of sultry masala but please next time choose a dress that can handle your assets gracefully.


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