Cosmetic Surgery of Actresses

In Hollywood, the dictates of beauty, elegance and youth are particularly heavy. To take pole position in the race for youth, many celebrities have become completely addicted to botox cures and plastic surgery. But the scalpel is never without risk and the desired result is not always there … Here are some unfortunate examples.

Donatella Versace

Cosmetic Surgeries gone wrong

In 1997, following the assassination of her brother Gianni, Donatella Versace took the reins of her empire. Twenty years later and 62 years old, Donatella is still the embodiment of the Milanese brand. But the talented artistic director, her face ravaged by Botox injections, is not very pleasant to look at. Like what, the many passages under the knife and the addiction to Botox do not guarantee a healthy appearance. To top it off, the smoky line of eyeliner that surrounds her lids easily makes her 20 years older.

Priscilla presley

Cosmetic Surgeries of Actresses

At 72, the ex-wife of King Elvis Presley is still chasing time. Smooth forehead, drawn features, raised cheekbones, his numerous passages under the scalpel have completely frozen his face. After its appearance on British television, social media took off. Some find her incredibly beautiful, while others think Lisa’s mom Marie Presley has gone a little too far. Judge for yourself …

Courtney Love

wrost Cosmetic Surgeries

Musician Courtney Love has seen better days. At 53, his life built around sex, drugs and alcohol has left some traces. Previously, Kurt Cobain’s widow had a pretty face, but various interventions made her unrecognizable …

Pamela Anderson

Cosmetic Surgeries of Hollywood Actresses

It’s hard to believe that Pamela Anderson was once one of the sexiest actresses in the world. In the 90s, she turned the heads of millions of men thanks to her role in the famous series “Alert in Malibu”. Everyone remembers this beautiful molded blonde in a red swimsuit. In 1990, the actress was even voted “Playboy playmate” of the year. Three decades later, like many others in Hollywood, she has repeatedly succumbed to cosmetic surgery. His life of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” did the rest. How long gone are the days when the beauty landed full of freshness in her native Canada!

Heidi Montag

Cosmetic Surgeries gone wrong

Revealed on the MTV reality show “The Hills”, Heidi Montag, despite her young age (30), has never been opposed to cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, she would be rather addicted to it. At just 21, the busty young woman had her breasts enlarged, as well as her nose and lips shrunk. The peak was reached in 2009 when the blonde said she had ten different surgeries in one day.

In 2013, she put the cover back by having her breasts reduced from an F to C cup, because “she felt them like bowling balls”. Against all expectations, Heidi admits today regretting her operations. “Sometimes I would like to go back to my old face, but my body has to rest …

Black Pamela Anderson

Cosmetic Surgeries

Another star who likes to attract attention thanks to her large breasts. So much so that the American rapper has been nicknamed the “black Pamela Anderson”, even if the comparison is not right …
In addition, the star displays a face transformed over the course of cosmetic surgery operations she has undergone and we can not say that the success is at the rendezvous. The ravages of the scalpel have definitely not finished surprising us!


Cosmetic Surgeries of Hollywood Actresses

At 59, the Queen of Pop strives to keep her appearance young. On stage, she is still as energetic as she was three decades ago. In order to stay in the know, she doesn’t hesitate to borrow clothes from her 20-year-old daughter, Lourdes. On the sentimental side, she has many relationships. Concerned about her image, she would spend hours in her gym and spend huge sums on plastic surgery. But no one can fight aging. Under a thick layer of makeup and lighting, Madonna still deludes. But naturally, we must admit that it is a little scary …

Lindsay Lohan

Cosmetic Surgeries

Plastic surgery misfires can ultimately make you look older than your age. This is what happened to Lindsay Lohan, the 31-year-old actress and singer. In her case, it is also because she burned the candle at both ends. Lindsay Lohan, the enfant terrible of the United States, exhausted by her lifestyle, does not look at all like the fresh and cute girl from “The Four of Us”.

Meg Ryan

Cosmetic Surgeries gone wrong

Meg Ryan is in the same situation as her colleagues. In the 80s and 90s, the actress was America’s darling. Not a role without her making the heads spin and the hearts of thousands of men beat. Since then, Meg Ryan has become a regular in plastic surgery and the beautiful blonde has completely transformed. Beauty remains a fleeting treasure, and your bank account can’t change it. On the contrary sometimes…

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