News WWE Star Who Won Money in The Bank Got Trapped in Hotel...

WWE Star Who Won Money in The Bank Got Trapped in Hotel Room, Made Instagram Story to Show What Exactly Happened to Her!

In a shocking incident, WWE female star Carmella ended up getting stuck in her hotel room and documented the entire event on Instagram. This incident happened on February 12, 2018. The hotel considers it a freak occurrence.

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WWE Now reported on the incident and included the videos from Carmella’s Instagram account since they were posted in story mode and not on her feed. Ms. Money in the Bank documented her struggle through an Instagram story and had to call the hotel to get her out. Carmella was trapped in her hotel room for several hours this week and documented her struggle story online.

Carmella attempted to get out of her room for her morning coffee and protein pancakes but then she realized that the door got stuck or locked from outside. However, upon trying to open her door she found out it wouldn’t budge. Finally, the security came and attempted to open the door through any means possible and while not successful at first, after so many attempts and with the help of 3 people the door got unlocked.

She jokingly took to Twitter to blame Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte for her misfortune, she wrote:


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