News Firefighter Died While Trying To Disable Xvideos Clip

Firefighter Died While Trying To Disable Xvideos Clip

Firefighter crashed to his death in Mexico city while trying to turn off a hacked roadside billboard showing adult content from Xvideos. 20 meter-high billboard is known locally as being the highest in the world.”

According to Noticias MVS, Alvaro Jimenez Gonzalez did suffer a fatal fall from a billboard in Mexico City at around 5 pm on Friday while removing a large piece of tarp from the structure. He was not using a belt at the time.

 firefighter died after trying to disable xvideos

Raúl Esquivel, head of the fire department said: “We deeply regret the death of our comrade Alvaro Jiménez González de Bomberos Tacubaya. All the support of the institution and the government of Mexico City for the family of our partner.”

However, the billboard is not the same one which was hacked to broadcast porn, contradictory to initial reports. A spokesman for the Grupo Carteleras, the company operating the billboard said: “We know the discomfort of this to passersby, drivers and society in general. Therefore we are investigating the case with authorities.”

Local authorities requested the owner of the billboard to improve their security measures in order to avoid a repeat of this kind of incident which cost the firefighter his life.

Source: RT

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