High Life People Called Her Ugly, Parents Left Her But She Defied All Odds...

People Called Her Ugly, Parents Left Her But She Defied All Odds And Became Iron Woman Of India

Women always consider as weak as compare to men. But body-builder Yashmeen Chauhan Manak has changed all the norms. She is also known as the Iron-woman of Gurgaon. Yashmeen during an interview said that she had faced many difficulties initially just for being a woman. 

According to her, she had suffered typhoid in her 7th standard in school. During the treatment process, doctors gave her some steroids which caused pimples on her face as well as increased her weight. Her school friends always used to make fun of her pimples and called her ugly. But she said she never felt disheartened because inside her heart she knew that she is beautiful. 

Yashmeen told about her childhood that, when she was just 2 years old, her mother eloped with her lover to marry him and her father too remarried after some time deserting her. She stayed with her paternal grandparents in a big joint family. His grandfather was a retired colonel from the Army. She said, “When I was out of school I tried to live with my father and step-mother but it could not last for more than 6 months and I am so glad I stepped out of that nightmare.”

She said “I had reached college after passing out from school and here I decided to join the gym. At that time I was only 17 years of age. However, that time it was difficult for a girl to join a gym but my family members had supported me. During that phase, some people used to taunt me and discouraged me but I never bothered. Hitting gym not only helped me to look attractive and beautiful but also boosted up my confidence.”

Apart from power lifting, Yashmeen also like to ride the bullet bike. She says, she rode bullet for the first time when she went Goa. She really enjoyed it and she got fond of riding it. She advises other girls to get out of their comfort zone and be prepared mentally and physically because what lies ahead is not easy at all but is definitely worth it.

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