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Trending Yes, Shaving Your Face Can Literally Blossom Up Your Skin!

Yes, Shaving Your Face Can Literally Blossom Up Your Skin!

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As we all are aware about the illusions that if girls also shave, they would also grow beards like men. Breaking that myth, beauty blogger Huda Kattan recently released a video on how to get baby-soft skin by shaving!


She used the method ‘Dermaplaning’ in which she used a straight blade Razor to shave around her face. Later, after the shave, it was concluded that the dead skin along with the hair are removed and it leaves you with a blossomed up skin.


Most of the girls grown a lot of facial hair which they try to get rid of by doing waxing and threading. Waxing is quite a painful process and threading, on the other hand would require going to salon and awkwardly explaining to them that yes, we are here to get the chin hair removed.

attractive young woman shaves her face and showing thumb up

In order to remove all such inconvenience, one can shave and its all up to you that what type of razor you want to use, i.e , straight blade razor or proper ladies razor and the growth of hair totally depends on the Hormones.

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