High Life Yes, You Are The One Who Is Spoiling Your Child

Yes, You Are The One Who Is Spoiling Your Child

Yes, you read it right.

It is much easier for parents to make their kids happy by giving them what they want, especially when you are in public place. Parents usually shower the gifts to avoid kids tantrums in public places. First of all, let’s answer these questions first.

  1. Do you always make sure to make them happy with gifts?
  2. You are always behind them and insisting them to have food?
  3. Do you get them everything they say?

spoiling your kidsSo if the answer to all these questions is yes, then I m sorry to say you are spoiling your own child. We often hear people complaining that these days kids are really hard to handle, they have a lot of anger, they don’t eat properly, they are always busy with their gadgets, they are raising their demands day by day so on the whole, there are lots of problems with these days kids. But hold on have you ever given a thought why, why isĀ it so?

Parents these days are so occupied with their work that they don’t have much time for their kids so they are trying to replace themselves with the gadgets which make the kids live in a fake world resulting in no social involvement and no physical movement, and those parents who have time, they give their whole attention to their kids. Each one of us wants to raise our kids perfectly. We never let our child wait, whether it’s food, toys, gadgets or any other thing so it makes the kids impatient because they are not habitual to wait for anything. As parents we should always take care while fulfilling demands of our kids. It is not always important to give him/her everything he/she demands, you can always substitute anything with your presence.

present vs presence

You can make your kids happy for a short span of time by providing everything but in the long run you are raising a kid who won’t be able to wait for either food or even a traffic signal. Life outside his/her house will not be simple for him/her to handle.

So learn to say “No” to your kids, and try to spend as much time as u can with them.

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