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You Are Damaging Your Skin If You Are Using These Methods For Face Wash

Washing your face whenever you want is pretty easy. You only need soap and water. But have you ever thought that you ways of washing face can be wrong. Your ways can not damage your skin but it may lead to irritation also.

So keep these points in your mind while you wash your face next time.

Using wrong face cleanser

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right ways to wash face

There are many people who really don’t care about the cleanser which they use in their routine. But did you know that wrong cleanser can cause more damage i.e. it’ll make tour skin rough and dry. So, make sure you use a cleanser according to your skin type.

Not washing hands

wash hands before face wash

Most of us directly pour water on our face without washing hands. But that’s not right. One should wash his/her hands before touching the face because dirty hands affects the face making it dirty.

Using too hot/too cold water

use normal water for face wash

Keep this in your mind that you must use normal water for while washing your face. Using too hot or too cold water unknowingly damages the skin. So use normal water while rinsing your face.

Using dirty towel

use clean towel for face wash

Many of us don’t care about the towel. We use a small towel which is kept outside the bathroom. But that towel is used by other family members which indirectly indicates that more germs are in it. So, it is important to use different towel.

Scrubbing your face too hard

don't scrub your face too hard

Are you the one scrubbing your face too hard? Stop doing it. Scrubbing too hard can lead to irritation and redness. So, pat dry your face and don’t scrub.

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