It maybe very hard to accept the fact that, potato chips, our all time favorite snack could be so dangerous. However, it is the truth!

Potato chips are bad for for two main reasons: they have the same danger level of addiction as any drug. Second, one packet of chips is equal to consuming 5 litres of cooking oil. So, if you still wish to eat potato chips then there has to be a certain limit and moderation, i.e. twice a month.


Eating potato chips for pregnant women are as dangerous to her and her baby’s health as smoking for her could have been. Manufacturers make potato chips in such a way that they cause addiction. After you eat potato chips, they leave a certain taste in the mouth which causes you to want more by activating a certain part of the mouth that sends signals to the brain. The brain, then instictively makes you crave for more salted, greesy and fatty foods such as chips.

The worst part, every bag of chips contains a chemical called  ‘acrylamide’, found in all brands of chips which is cancer-causing by nature.


And so, it makes your favorite potato chips one of the most dangerous processed foods selling in markets.