Today marks Ludiwg Van Beethoven’s 245th Anniversary of the Day he was Baptised and Google thought of the most epic possible way to Honour the most brilliant musician that ever lived!


If you happened to notice today’s Google Doodle, you must have seen something extra-ordinary about it. Though, Google’s doodles are always thoughtful and witty but this one is beyond comparison. Its making us all go crazy with the Beethoven fever.


The Doodle is brilliantly interactive and challenges your knowledge of the special Beethoven symphonies planting a silly smile on your face. The Doodle lets you arrange pieces of the Symphony in the correct chronological order and you when you’re done, you get to hear your favorite Beethoven piece of music.


From all the earlier seen Doodle’s which were mostly images or animations lasting for 10 seconds, this doodle’s timing however, depends on how long you take to solve the musical puzzles.


The fifth symphony, Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata and The Ninth Symphony were four of the musical compositions of Beethoven that have been used in this Doodle for the puzzles.


You arrange one symphony in the correct order to move on to the next. Enjoy!

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