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Do You Know Why Was Sushma Swaraj Harassed On Twitter? Just For Doing Her Job!

In the country like India where politicians do nothing without giving baseless speeches or making false promises, one of our highly ranked female minister was doing her job. She just responded to a tweet in which she was tagged. She took an action on lady’s request named Tanvi Seth, who was humiliated by passport officer. Later the officer was transferred and the issue of Tanvi Seth’s passport was solved.

For doing the same, people were started trolling her and began to call her “Sushma Begum”. Her husband was also tagged in tweets and told to beat up his wife after returning home. He is a criminal lawyer by profession, he made his account private after all this.

Moreover, former CM of Jammu & Kashmir Mehbboba Mufti also Tweeted in favour of Sushma Swaraj.

After two weeks from the day when Seth Tweeted to Sushma Swaraj, Sushma was still facing abuse online. So she did an online experiment. She liked some less offensive tweets from these all and hosted a Twitter poll. In that poll asked people that is this the acceptable way to talk to a female Politician. Stil 43% of them said “Yes” it is acceptable.

On the other side, instead of saying something against those people who disrespect our External Affairs Minister, PM Tweeted a wish for social media day. In fact, PM Narendra Modi did not utter a word on all these things.

Online trolling is really a bad thing and people should know their limits. Social Media platforms should not be used to disrespect anyone whether a common or a prominent person.

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