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You Will Get A Mini Attack Seeing This Man Making Crazy Jumps




This video is definitely not for the fainthearted, especially those who are afraid of heights and water.

The video features a man running up a building, most likely a hotel, and then jumping off the balcony straight into the swimming pool. The daredevil in question seems to have a GoPro camera or its equivalent strapped to his head which records the frightening feat.

The video shows the man first climbing over the building’s railings and running through corridors as if he is in mad rush. He eventually reaches the balcony, climbs over the railing and takes just about two seconds before making the scary dive. It seems like a good five to six storey jump.

What’s even harder to digest is his reaction post his jump, but we’ll let you watch the video to see that.

Video Source : ig: 8Booth

Here is his another jump :

He is sure of a adrenaline junkie, but you aren’t. So never ever think of fooling around that way and making crazy jumps. The only reaction we would be able to see will be painful screams or just dead silence. I know you are smart.

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