Kareena and Karishma’s Skin Care in lockdown

Kareena and Karishma recently shared pictures in which they have shown how they are taking care of themselves during the lockdown.
News You Will Get Emotional After Knowing About This Woman Who is a...

You Will Get Emotional After Knowing About This Woman Who is a Postmortem Personnel

Today we will tell you about a woman whose name is Santoshi Durga. Her father was sweeper in Chattisgarh’s Naharpur block’s health department. Durga says he was a drug addict and being an elder child Durga used to make him understand that this addiction will destroy his life as she had 5 sisters and feared of the cost needed for their marriages.

When Durga talks about his father she gets emotional and breaks down into tears. Now she has emerged as an inspiration for other women in her area. After her father’s demise, she took the responsibility of running home in her hands and played the role really well.

Durga is postmortem personnel by profession. From the past 15 years, she has done approximately 600 postmortems. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Some people say that without intoxication, it is difficult to do a postmortem of a body. But Durga is doing this work without it.

She says that there was a time when she got scared of it. She used to shiver after seeing a dead body and fear of it. But she also knew that she had a responsibility to run the house. This feeling made her strong. She showed people that one can do postmortem without intoxication. She got her first postmortem case in 2004.

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