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High Life You Won't Believe That These 5 Weird Creatures Are Created by Scientists

You Won’t Believe That These 5 Weird Creatures Are Created by Scientists

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Who is the creator? Obviously, God. But when we will show you some of the creatures that are not created by God but men you will be left gobsmacked. Yes, we are living in the advanced age of technology where humans have created some creatures that you need to know:


These produce a gallon of milk and more fat per day. These have been developed via selective breeding, either traditional breeding or, since the 1960s, artificial insemination. These cows weigh up to 1 ton.

Dolly The Sheep

It was a female domestic sheep and the first mammal cloned from a somatic cell by using the process of nuclear transfer. She was born on 5 July 1996 and lived for 7 years and died due to lung disease. She has been called “the world’s most famous sheep”.


GloFish were developed by Yorktown Technologies, L.P. These are genetically engineered fluorescent fishes made by inserting multiple fluorescent colours.

Transparent Frogs

These frogs have completely transparent skin. One can see their internal organs and even their heart beating. These were created upon crossing two colour mutant (grey-eyed and black-eyed) frogs with recessive genes through artificial insemination.

Hairless Chicken

These are first genetically modified featherless chicken developed by the Israeli scientists. The Israeli geneticist Avigdor Cahaner crossbred a small, bare-skinned bird with a regular broiler chicken to engineer the featherless fowl.

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