That moment in the movie theatre when your stomach starts making all sorts of weird noises in an attempt to draw your attention towards it  that it needs food, but then it is your pocket popping up its head telling you that to fill your stomach, you would have to clear up your pocket! We humans are divided on this topic, to listen to the stomach or the pocket!

The prices of the tickets don’t bother us much, it is the sky-rocketing increase in the food prices which are a cause of concern.


high food rates

That extra margin which the multiplexes keep for itself by the sale of movie tickets is so menial that they would not be able to pay their AC bills, leave alone generating a profit out of it! That constant tension of creating a profit margin for themselves, forces them to sell their food stalls to the third party contractors at a very high price. Now when these contractors have invested their money, they bring THEIR profit by burning a hole in your pocket! So tickets are priced low to attract movie lovers and then when you are captivated in the hall, the loot starts with high prices of food.

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expensive food in theatres

In order to grab that extra money, your personal food items too are banned entry inside the hall. So it means if your stomach starts gurgling in between, you would have to shell out 120 rupees for a bottle of coke which is priced at Rs 35 in a retailers shop! By banning the food items, they cut down their competition and we enter the monopoly market. We are on their mercy to feed us with food!

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Going backstage we realize that it is not that easy tackling the expenses of a multiplex!

alia at pvr

Paying to the builders, filling up the taxes, running the ACs and cleaning up the theatre – are all done by the multiplex owners. So the plightful ‘money crisis scenario’ not only exists for us as consumers but even for them as the suppliers! So they are left with no other option than gagging the movie goers!

Hope Modi Sir’s ‘ACCHE DIN’ finds a solution to this problem too!

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