Entertainment You Won’t Believe These Bollywood Stars Worked In B-Grade Movies!

You Won’t Believe These Bollywood Stars Worked In B-Grade Movies!

Bollywood performers shaking on the silver screen is no major ordeal for us, yet’s stunning that the same stars we cherished on the silver screen have worked in such B-Grade motion pictures that has truly changed their picture for us. Here , we present you 5 bollywood performers that have worked in such B-grade motion pictures.

Amitabh Bachchan

An expression of brightness in acting, Amitabh Bachchan stunned every one of us when he acted in a motion picture called ‘Blast‘. His advertisements from that motion picture left us considering whether it’s truly him or his spirit.

13Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif was additionally found in the motion picture Boom. Yes, I roared with laughter when I first saw her in the publication, certainly, it was sheer dream for all the young men out there. All things considered, later on she concurred that it was the most exceedingly terrible introduction anybody can ever have and was disturbed as individuals asserted this motion picture might have been ‘light porn‘.Katrina Kaif in B-grade movie

Akshay Kumar

Alongside some awesome motion pictures, Akshay Kumar has given a considerable measure of failures in his profession. Be that as it may, none of those motion pictures can beat his part in ‘Mr. Bond’. Akshay Kumar was Mr.Bond in that motion picture and it depended on James Bond. A B-grade film on James Bond with Akshay Kumar as the hero. Aren’t you surprised?

Manisha KoiralaAkshay Kumar in B-grade movie

Manisha Koirala did a B-grade motion picture called ‘Ek Chhoti Si Love Story‘ and a large portion of the scenes in that one were obscene to the point that there was a stay request on that film.

Esha Kopikar

Despite the fact that Esha Kopikar wasn’t a flawless fit for Bollywood, we were still agitated to see her in B-Grade films like Dangerous, Sexy and Haseena Smart. All things considered, the last great motion picture I recall by her is Don.Esha Kopikar In B-grade movie

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