First pay packets really are unforgettable whether it be a regular working person like me or a Super Star like Shahrukh Khan. Yes! it’s really unbelievable as to what your favorite star’s first ever job and pay was.

Bollywood’s biggies talk about their first work experiances and their first pays

1. Shah Rukh Khan (Usher at a ghazal night)


Shah Rukh worked as an usher for an evening at a Pankaj Udhas’ ghazal concert which earned him Rs. 50 and with which he went to see the Taj Mahal.

2 .Aamir Khan (Assistant director)


Aamir Khan started working as an Assisstant Director which earned him Rs. 1000 every month. A smart kid, he had started saving his money that he won from Tennis tournaments with his mom and later used that money to pay his expenses while he worked as an AD.

3. Kalki Koechlin (Waitress in London)


I was a student at University of London. My grandparents had paid for my tuition, but I had to work in an Italian cafe run by this seedy guy who’d flirt with all the waitresses, to pay the rent. I worked for four weeks and was paid 40 pounds. I quit that cafe after that but continued waitressing. I also sold tickets and popcorn at a UGC cinema in London. Years later, Girl In Yellow Boots premiered there and I met those I’d once worked with.

4. Randeep Hooda (Delivery boy in Oz)


At 17, I worked in a Chinese restaurant, Inn of Khong, in Ballarat, Australia. I was paid $8 an hour and $1.50 for every delivery I made. I got laughed at because I’d drive around in a Maruti 800-like car with a 10-feet stuffed gorilla on the roof. But I got lots of tips and bought myself lots of beer.

5. Bipasha Basu (Teen model)


Bips was 15 and still in school in Kolkata when she was selected for Sangeeta Chopra’s ramp show which earned her Rs.3000 that which she proudly gave to her mom.

6. Irrfan (Tuition teacher)


Irrfan used to be a tuition teacher to kids while he was in high school, in Jaipur, his home town, and he earned Rs.25 per student which was pretty exciting in those days.

7. Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Chemist in Bhopal)


Nawazuddin’s mother had mortaged her jewellery to sponsor his studies. Later, Nawazuddin worked as a chemist ata shop in bhopal which earned him Rs.4000 every month. After months of work he got his mother’s jewellery back.

8. Jackie Shroff (Selling peanuts)

Jackie Shroff

Jackie at the age of 14 did all odd jobs such as sticking posters on the wall and even selling peanuts to earn for his mother and himself.