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High Life You Would Not Want To Miss The Secret For Long Life This...

You Would Not Want To Miss The Secret For Long Life This 120 Year Old Man Has

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We all do things to help us live a little better, maybe even a little longer, everyday. Whether you’re trying to exercise or simply bettering your eating habits, the goal here is not to die young.

world's oldest man

But sadly since, we are not, millions on the Internet seek out the answer to a question with many different answers, ”What is the secret to a long life?”

Who do we look to for the answer ? Well, I’d say the people that have held the Guinness World Record for oldest man or woman would be a pretty credible source.

The current holder of the title is Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who died in June 2013 aged 116 years and 54 days. But the guy coming for the title is actually 120 years old !

So, where has Swami Sivananda been hiding and how the hell is he still alive ?

Well the answer lies in the question ! He has been hiding ! The man is a monk. Which means he has not had sex, he doesn’t party, and he does yoga every damn day. He was born in 1896. So let that sink in for a second.

world's oldest person

So, Swami, despite being that old still manages to practice yoga for hours at a time, talk about endurance! The Hindu monk proved to his native country of India his age via his passport and a temple registry. He was born in a holy city, Varanasi, and due to his conditions of living in extreme poverty, he decided to become a monk. And yeah, that includes celibacy.

world's oldest man

He feeds himself simply and disciplined and he applies those values to his diet.

No oil or spices in his meals, and he only eats boiled foods.

He sleeps on a mat on the ground with WOOD for his pillow, a pile of wood. The man won’t even enjoy the pleasure of life that is a pillow.

oldest human

Swami was born in an era where Indian was still colonized and at a young age he lost both his parents. He was living with a relative but he was sold to a spiritual guru who took him all around India. He doesn’t have any medical problems and he is incredibly independent.

world's oldest human

I am not surprised to hear, he is not too pleased with the Earth and what has become of it. I mean think about it, the man was around plenty of time before BOTH World Wars, like he saw all that go down. And of technology ?

world's oldest man

He isn’t amused. He says people are unhappier, dishonest, unhealthy, and better off when we had less.

His only wish is for people to be happy.

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