‘ABCD’ Fame Choreographer Kishore Shetty Arrested For Drug Peddling

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High Life You Wouldn't Believe That These Jobs Actually Pays, Number 3 Will Be...

You Wouldn’t Believe That These Jobs Actually Pays, Number 3 Will Be Your Dream Job

1)Professional Snuggler

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Yes! you read it right there are professional snugglers. Moreover, 90% of them are women. They are getting paid $60-80 per hour.

2)Pet Food Testers

It sounds crazy, right? But they actually don’t swallow the food they just take a bit and check the flavour and p[rocess then spit the food. They also check the quality of the food.

3)Bed Testers

I think this is the dream job of every lethargic person. But bed testers have to check the many things. Moreover, they have to sleep 8 hours in the showrooms on the bed and check out the pros and cons of particular bed.

4)Face Feeler

Face feelers basically test the hygiene of cosmetics products of women. They discuss the pros and cons of that particular product. They have the serious ability and knowledge about these things and can approve and decline the product. They earn $25 per hour.

5)Line Stander

I think waiting in big ques requires a talented person and line standers have that talent. They earn $1000 a week for standing in lines for people who can’t. I think this is a really helpful job.

6)Water Slide Tester

In many amusement parks, there are slide testers who test the slides for us that how much water it needs to go down, how much time it will take how much fun and safe is it? They earn $3500 in a year.

7)Snake Milker

These days snake poison is used for many purposes and mostly in research. So, there are some snake milkers who have experience and knowledge about how we can get the snake poison safely, so do the same and earn up o $3000 per month.

8)Armpit Sniffer

The job of an armpit sniffer is to test how effective the deodorant is they serve approximately 60 persons per hour. They are well paid and get a handsome salary package of $50,000 per anum.






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