High Life Humour You’ll Be Surprised To Know What ‘Bihar Topper’ Ruby Rai Wrote In...

You’ll Be Surprised To Know What ‘Bihar Topper’ Ruby Rai Wrote In Her Answer Sheet

As we all are aware of the fact that a few months ago, Bihar State Board Arts topper Ruby Rai was arrested by the police and that specific arrest and the reason behind it created a huge controversy. But what was the actual reason behind that? Meanwhile, A TV channel chose to interview the state topper and in the interview, Ruby not only failed to verbalize what Political Science teaches but also mispronounced the subject as “Prodical Science” every time and interestingly, She topped her state in Political Science.

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She, along with the whole State Board of Bihar became a laughing stuff for people watching this news from their rooms. It was almost as if people were expecting her to be part of a scam. The jokes didn’t stay relevant as the investigation gained momentum time to time. As per the report, Ruby had composed the words “Tulsidas Ji300 times in her obligatory Hindi dialect exam. Be that as it may, that is not even the most noticeably awful part. She communicated her affection for Hindi sentimental motion pictures by saying the names of 101 Bollywood sentimental films in her unique answer sheet. What can be more worse than this?

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Ruby had composed her English exam in Hindi and each answer sheet she had composed was changed with the exception of the Home Science exam. Ruby is presently out on safeguard and the SIT is right now searching for “specialists” who had composed the washed bed covers which in the long run made her the state topper. Do not forget to drop your views in the comment section below!

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