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Your Elder Sister Is The Best Friend That You Will Ever Have

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You will totally relate to this if you have an elder sister always there to take your back in any sticky situation. You fight with your sister like crazy but at the end of the day you will want to go to sleep right next to her. An elder sister is like the strong gust of wind that lets you fly in the free skies of happiness and frolic. For you know, that she will always back you up and catch you and hold you close and never let you fall. And this is why.. I say that Your elder sister is the best friend that you will ever have.

1. Because She will always have your Back, come what may..

If there’s ever a guy problem or if I had a really tough day at college or work, you always know the best thing to say to cheer me up.


2. I Can Go On and on and on about the silliest of things and no matter how irritated you get..

You will still listen to me very patiently every single time.

3. And if I ever get into Trouble with Mom and Dad…

I know you will always come to save me from the “Rage of Hell” 😛


4. I would’ve never gotten through all those Family Get Togethers and Vacations without You.

It would be no fun without my favorite holidaying and shopping partner..!


 5. You will always Give me your Honest Opinion..

because you will always tell the right from wrong even if it would hurt me sometimes.

6. Although we fight like crazy cats..

I can never ever, in any universe, get bored while you are by my side.

7. Because Your one warm Bear Hug can make me feel calm and relaxed..

even when I’m in the most stressful of situations.


8. You keep me Grounded and rooted to earth..

especially when I’m flying on my high horse..

9. You Know me In and Out, my Best and Worst..

but you never judge and you will always love me for the person that I really am.


10. You Love me Unconditionally, even I’m difficult to live with..

which you probably know best as you have lived with me and shared a room with me.. and spared me even for making it a mess! 😛 😀

My dearest Lovely Sister, You will always be my soulmate for the love that we share is the truest of all! You are my constant Love! 😀 <3

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