High Life Your Thumb's Shape Reveals a Lot About Your Character

Your Thumb’s Shape Reveals a Lot About Your Character

Do you believe in astrology or palmistry? If yes, then you need to read this article. In this article, we will tell you that the shape of your thumb reveals a lot about your character. Read out the text below:

1) Curvy and flexible:

The Shape Of Your Thumb Reveals A Lot About Your Character

If the shape of your thumb is curvy and your thumb is flexible, it indicates that you are an emotional person by heart yet artistic and passionate.

2) Straight:

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If you got a straight thumb it means you are born stubborn. It also means that you are having a dominating nature.

3) Bigger than the top:

If your thumb is bigger than the top f this is how your finger looks like this, then you are a hard worker & you know the worth of life and that it isn’t easy at all to succeed in life.

4) Longer than the lower side:

Longer than the lower side means you are a perfectionist. It also shows that you are a hard worker and honest.

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