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YouTube Made A Record As It Crosses One Billion Hours Of Video A Day




Youtube the most popular video site on the web today has made a record. The site that has its users from all around the world have crossed 1 billion hours of videos a day. By this way, YouTube has challenged the eclipse U.S television viewership. As it is supposed to be the epitome of recommended videos run by the Google unit’s aggressive embrace of artificial intelligence.


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Youtube on its growing loop has crossed the last year’s figure. The increase is estimated as 10 times more since 2012. As Youtube has the vast libraries of videos on almost every subject. It also presents the related video in the sidebar or pops them out on a screen so that a user can click on them and move from one video to another. This way the user stays longer.

On every minute 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube or 65 years of video a day. YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan said,

“The corpus of content continues to get richer and richer by the minute, and machine-learning algorithms do a better and better job of surfacing the content that an individual user likes,”

Youtube’s easy to navigate menu provides an ease to search almost everything. It has a clossal collection of videos. From kids to old everyone can search videos just like that! This is the reason it has the highest click rate and that’s what made it cross one billion hours of video a day.

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