YouTube has a new Material Design Look and its simply Beautiful


Popular video sharing site YouTube has revamped its look and its simply awesome. The new look is revamped with the Google’s popular ‘Material Design’ and its very clean and sleek. YouTube dropped its old box-heavy card design. New look is currently available when you sign in your Google Account.

youtube new look

YouTube says the new design aims for a “simple, consistent, and beautiful” look.

The page has more white area now and its more spacious and soothing for the eyes. Its not much different from the old style until you switch to ‘dark mode’ which replaces the white UI with something easier with the eyes. You can set the dark mode which is in the profile menu. You can access the profile menu by clicking on the profile picture in the top when you sign in the Google’s account.

Google introduced the Material design 3 years ago when Google released the popular mobile OS Android 5.0 with Material Design meant for unifying its all products across all screens.

YouTube’s new lokk is built on Google’s Polymer framework, a JavaScript library for creating Web components with a focus on creating Material Design-style apps on the Web. With the Polymer base up and running, YouTube says it will have “quicker feature development from here on out.” It cites the dark theme as the first of these Polymer-enabled features and ends with saying, “This is only the beginning—you can look forward to more powerful new features coming soon!”

YouTube celebrating its 12th Birthday by Unfolding its new clean look. Happy Birthday YouTube.