Youtube is upgrading its AI technology to combat extremist videos

The search giant Google came under fire recently when top brands claimed ads were appearing on YouTube propaganda and extremist videos. Several Big Companies pulled their ads from Youtube to stop unwanted funding to these extremism.

The Search giant company is now revamping and upgrading its AI technology to combat this. According to Bloomberg, Youtube AI technology is now upgraded to more powerful machine learning technology which is five time better than the old technology and it can flag objectionable content five time better than the old technology.

Youtube AI to flag propaganda videos

Google’s Chief Business Officer, Philipp Schindler, told Bloomberg that human eyes contributed to the flagging, but that they couldn’t do everything. “The problem cannot be solved by humans and it shouldn’t be solved by humans.”

This is such a great step by Google to stop terror funding and to counter the hatred videos to stop violence in the society and to safeguard the interests of Advertisers.