Yuvraj Singh is a synonym of the word fighter. He doesn’t need any kind of introduction and his talent is unmatchable. He had battled cancer and overcome many injuries, in the twilight of his career. In an interview with the Sportstar Live, Yuvraj talked about his journey till now and his future plans.

Interview asked Yuvraj, “When do you plan to retire?”

Retirement?? This One Thing Is Stopping Yuvraj Singh From Calling Quit

Yuvraj replied: “I don’t want to leave the game with any regret, thinking I should have played for some more years. I want to go when I feel it is the right time to go, when I feel I have done my best and I could not have done any more than this.”

“I am still playing because I am enjoying playing cricket, not just because I have to play for India or I have to play the IPL. The motivation is definitely to play for India. I feel two or three IPLs are left in me.”

“The journey has been nice. I have been a fighter, taking on tough situations. I like being a pillar of strength to people, for those suffering from cancer or going through other issues in life. I want to be known as someone who never gave up. Whether I play for India or not, I will give my 100 per cent on the field.”

What will be Yuvraj’s future role? Coach or commentator?

Retirement?? This One Thing Is Stopping Yuvraj Singh From Calling Quit

Yuvraj responded: “Commentating is not my forte. Cancer (YouWeCan Foundation) is going to be my area of work in the future. I love supporting young kids, I like interacting with the younger generation”

“Coaching is in my mind. I would identify underprivileged kids and focus on their sport and education. Education is as important as sport. You need to focus on both. Sport should not come at the cost of education.”

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