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Entertainment "Doon Ek Tamacha Tere Munh Pe Abhi" Says This Actress to a...

“Doon Ek Tamacha Tere Munh Pe Abhi” Says This Actress to a Troller Who Made Her Angry

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Getting trolled on the social media is not uncommon for celebrities. Many times the users also make personal and abusive comments on them. A show has started on MTV recently with the concept of trolling faced by the celebrities, named ‘Troll Police’. Zareen Khan can also be seen as the part of the show for an episode. The new promo of this episode has been released, in which she is seen scolding a 23-year-old troller. To let you know this show helps people who get trolled on the social media without any reason.

The anchor of the show is Rannvijay Singha. In the promo of the show Zareen can be seen saying angrily to the troller that:

“I truly believe that you don’t respect your parents. Who are you? Who knows you? Doon Ek tamacha tere munh pe abhi, hath hai na mera ye tere munh se bada hai. You won’t be able to find where your jaw will fall.”

Zareen says that her mother is not on the social media rather her mother would get bothered after seeing the type of trolling she suffers on the social media. According to Zareen, trolling not only affects them but near and dear ones also.

While sharing the promo on the Instagram Zareen wrote,

“If you have something to say, say it to my face, not cowardly behind a username.”


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