Priyanka Chopra Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Amazon Prime

Global star, Priyanka Chopra has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Amazon Prime. The actress will work with them for two years. 
Entertainment Zareen Khan on body shaming: can’t cut my bones off’ said actress...

Zareen Khan on body shaming: can’t cut my bones off’ said actress Zareen Khan

Actress Zareen Khan, whose debut was with Salman Khan from the film ‘Veer’, revealed some time ago about the casting couch. Now Zareen has responded to the trollers regarding body shaming. According to Zarine, she as learned to ignore people who comment on body shaming. Zareen said, “Even when I was in school, students used to make fun of my body, and pass comments on me. But whenever those people used to do this, I used to avoid them ‘. The actress said, “Such negative people should be ignorant.” My body is wide and cannot cut my bones’.

In a conversation, Zareen Khan revealed that she too has been a victim of casting couch in the industry. Zareen, not taking the name of the director, told that during the shooting of a film, the director asked her to rehearse kissing scenes when she was new in the industry. However, she refused to do so.

The actress has, however, come a long way from all the cyberbullying she has faced for her weight and is proud of herself. “I don’t feel the need to use them (photo editing apps) because I don’t believe in hiding my imperfections. I believe everyone is imperfect in their own way. I am proud of what I have achieved. It’s not about becoming picture-perfect for people but for myself. This fitness journey made me the person I am today, a part of the film industry, and I feel blessed. And before I could reply to the trolls, several fans stood by me.”

The actor is all set for the release of her new film “Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele” and says she is happy with the way the film has shaped up. “Right now I am very happy with the kind of work that is coming my way, and I am not limiting myself to only Hindi cinema.

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