Zoho Corp. to hire people in India while major companies including Apple and Microsoft restrict hiring, fearing recession

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) company wants to hire people in India and other countries across the world at a time when many startups and businesses are mass-firing workers. Zoho Corp, based in Chennai, intends to hire at least 2,000 people in the fields of engineering, technology, and product development.

In these tough times where countries like India and US fear recession, thereafter the Silicon Valley’s great companies including Apple and Microsoft are restricting themselves on hiring any new employees, we witnessed this Chennai based start-up business in requirement of hiring almost 2000 employees

More software developers, engineers for quality assurance, web developers, designers, product marketers, writers, technical support engineers, and sales executives are needed by Zoho. As they expand their operations, the business plans to launch upskilling programmes like Zoho Schools of Learning in these areas and has already begun employing locally.

As the SaaS industry leader considers organic growth and future geographic expansion,  Prashant Ganti, head of products, tax, accounting, and payroll at Zoho,told Economic Times, “We have been following the transnational localism approach, where our global expansion is happening by hiring locally in the countries where we are setting up operations.”