Trending Mark Zuckerberg Buys Domain From A Kochi Engineering Student

Mark Zuckerberg Buys Domain From A Kochi Engineering Student

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the biggest social networking site, Facebook recently approached a Kochi engineering student Amal Augustine to buy a domain. The Domain was named on Zuckerberg’s newly-born daughter Maxime Chan-Zuckerberg, which was registered last year only after the birth of her daughter.


Amal says that he has an interest in registering domains and also registered one with Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter’s name but he never thought that Facebook will contact him for this purpose. Facebook contacted Amal through Godaddy which is an Internet domain registrar company which asked Amal whether he would like to sell the domain name and if yes then for much.

MarkAmal was not interested in the money at all, he was happy that Facebook himself contacted him, therefore, the deal was set at a price of only 700$ which was later criticized by people on Amal’s Facebook account.

When the letter came officially mentioning the change of registration, I noticed the FB letterhead. But since it’s not legal to negotiate, I just went ahead and closed the deal in seven days,” said Amal and surprised the whole country.amal

For the people who think that buying domains of different people’s name is illegal and have adopted a negative attitude towards Amal then let us tell you that Internet squatting is not illegal and we don’t say that but Mahesh C, faculty in the department of computer science and engineering, FISAT says, “Internet squatting is not an illegal process. People register domains of popular names, brands or organisations and later bargain with the owners and eventually sell it back to make money,” but this Kochi student didn’t register the domain for such reason otherwise he would have asked for a very high price.

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