Students at IIT-Delhi din’t mind waiting for hours just to catch a glimpse of MARK ZUCKERBERG. The main IIT-D campus wore a deserted look as students thronged Dogra hall, just to get a glimpse of one of the most famous CEOs of the world. Some were even spotted trying to make their way around the heavily-secured area. While Zuckerberg was being quized by some of the brightest minds in India, the excitement outside was equally palpable.students had huddled near all the exit gates in the hope that they could see him, or if lucky enough, talk to him. The guys surely outnumbered the girls during hte hour-long wait. students claimed themselves as being the biggest fans of Zuckerburg as he is successful, handsome and undoubtedly brilliant.

we all know his story, how he started with a simple idea and how it has changed the way they interact. Facebook is pretty much everyone’s lifeline. he is a person who has many minds and above all has inspired youth.


Tarini Gupte, a fresher, and her friends stuck to their smartphones for update on the townhall.


They all waited at one of the exits hoping to catch a glimpse of Mark.