Big News! IPL Franchises Ready To Quarantine Foreign Players For 14 Days

IPL cancelled due to coronavirus

Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises are willing to keep foreign players in quarantine for 14 days. This is due to the government’s traffic warning but they are waiting for the players to get their visas first. So far, the government has postponed the entry of people from some countries till 31 March. The government released information on Monday, according to which it has asked people coming from UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait to remain in quarantine for at least 14 days.

In the information as well, people of European Union member countries, The European Free Trade Association. Turkey and Great Britain have also been asked to stop coming to India. The government has banned people coming from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia on Tuesday with immediate effect. These are temporary measures which will remain in force till 31 March.

ipl cancel due to coronavirus

A franchise official told IANS that the teams are willing to give 14-day quarantine to foreign players if needed.

The official said, “new information calls for the people coming from some countries to remain separated for 14 days. If we get clearance from the government and get visas, then giving detention to players is not a big issue. We will call them in the first week of April and keep them in quarantine for 14 days.”

“But first, foreign players need to be given visas and hence we have to wait till March 31 and see what the government decides”.